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Sail & Snorkel
Scooter Rental
Super Vacation Package
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Two Tank Boat Dive

Super Dive Package includes all gear and fun boat ride only $
Dive Into the Deep 1000 feet

This is an one's
in a lifetime
experience! only
available on
only $650
National Park Jeep Safari

A full day off-road 4x4 adventure with our Land Rovers, on the north shore and within the Christoffel National park offers you a awesome way to see the beautiful nature of Curacao. A full day off-road 4x4 adventure with our Land Rovers, in the Christoffel National park offers you a awesome way to seeing the beautiful nature of Curacao.
Cruise Ship Visitors:
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your excurcion!
Are you visiting Curacao on a cruise ship? Did you know that your cruise line normally add 30% or more to the actual price of activities in Curacao. Best On Curacao offers a larger secllection of shore excurcions on Curacao than the cruise ships and are guaranteed to have a better price...
Awesome Scooter Adventure

An Eco-Adventure Excursion:
This is an adventurous trip were you gonna ride a scooter, walk trough caves or old forts build by the Dutch in 18th century and also swim or snorkel our underwater nature at his best spots.

Only $69
Cancellation Policy

Upon submitting your activity reservation for processing, one copy is sent to your e-mail address so that you have a record of your order. We will make reservations for you and send an e-mail confirming all of the details.

These confirmations are often sent a few minutes after your reservation, but some activities take longer to confirm than others. You will receive an e-mail confirmation by the end of the next business day at the latest. There are no tickets that you need to pick up prior to your event. Your e-mail confirmation will have all the details you need to check in and enjoy your selected activity.

This saves you precious time when you arrive in Curacao.
A credit card is required to guarantee payment for your reservations, but in some cases WE DO NOT charge your credit card with the full amount, when your order is placed.

Your credit card is typically charged five days before you leave for Curacao, and a voucher is faxed to the vendor. Some activities are charged at the time of check-in and your e-mail confirmation will inform you if this is the case. If you cancel your activity after your credit card has been charged you will receive a refund less 10% to cover our credit card processing costs.

We do have some vendors that requires payment at the time that your reservation is made. These activities are clearly marked on our website with the words, "Payment required at the time of reservation."

Bounty adventures INC will allow fully refundable cancellations, by the traveler or the agency, prior to 11 days. Bounty adventures INC will not allow any refund of payments except if conditions make it impossible for the ship to dock and disembark passengers in a timely manner, or if the vendor must cancel due to equipment or weather problems. Delays or cancellation of airline flights or other modes of transportation used to arrive to the port or location of the activity will not be taken into consideration in the determination of a refund for unused services. Your cruise ship or Hotel and its employees and agents do not have the authority to cancel your booking with Bounty adventures INC. The customer must notify Bounty adventures INC within 12 days after the excurcion date that a problem occurred. The notification must be in writing. Emails will be accepted.

Group bookings may be non-refundable if the trip price is based on a specific number of participants.

Custom designed bookings will always have a $25 per person non-refundable penalty for cancellations made at any time after the booking has been confirmed and the credit card charged.

Liability for Loss or Injury: Bounty adventures INC has no liability because Bounty adventures INC is only a booking agent in most cases. Customers acknowledge, understand and agree that as a condition of Bounty adventures INC accepting a booking from the customer that Bounty adventures INC shall not be liable for any loss or injury incurred by the customer. Our customers agree to make appropriate claims with our vendors. ShoreTrips is responsible for refunds as indicated in this agreement.

Customers who dispute a Bounty adventures credit card charge by filing chargeback notice with their credit card companies will be charged a $50.00 administrative fee (per chargeback notice) by Bounty adventures if the chargeback is ruled in the favor of Bounty adventures INC by the financial institution.

Trip cancellation insurance is available and is highly recommended. If the purchaser already carries this type of insurance, he is directed to contact the insurance company to add in the coverage of these trips.

Due to our incredible climate here, weather cancellations are rare.  No-shows and cancellations without adequate notice are charged in full on the credit card used to secure the reservation and are non-refundable.

The purchaser has read these policies and agrees with them.