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Sail & Snorkel
Substation Curaçao, dive into the deep.

Enjoy This unique experience!

On the Caribbean island of Curaçao anyone can now discover the sea at a depth of 1.000 feet (320meters).

Substation Curaçao launches Curasub, the world's most spectacular certified mini-submarine for tourists. The Curasub descends four times a day from Bapor Kibra to unreachable depths for divers. Onboard, submarine passengers make a memorable journey to places where very few people have ever been.

The colorful fish, corals and old shipwrecks are perfectly visible in the crystal clear waters that surround the island of Curaçao. From inside the Curasub passengers have a clear view with visibility of over 60 feet (30m). The design of the Curasub is based on the well proven 30 year old Aquarius submarine, which today is still operational.

All systems have been certified by Germanischer Lloyd’s, meeting and exceeding the highest safety standards.

Unlike SCUBA-diving, submarine-diving has no effects of pressure change on the body. This means that people who are unfit to dive because of medical reasons are almost always allowed to dive with the submarine. People with ear-problems, cardiac disease, lung problems etc. Are all allowed to dive in the submarine.

Because the Curasub travels at greater depths than divers can reach, the submarine is also used for scientific marine research. The bottom of the ocean is a vast and greatly unknown frontier that in the future will contribute to the research and development of bio chemical structures and substances and marine-biology.

Adrenaline dive > $425,- per person » 425.00 1PM
Adrenaline dive > $425,- per person » 425.00 9am
Deep dive > $650,- per person       » 650.00 11am
Deep dive > $650,- per person        » 650.00 1PM
Standard expedition dive > $650,- per person » 650.00 11am
Standard expedition dive > $650,- per person » 650.00 9am

Medical statement:
Before diving with us at Substation Curacao we will request you to read and sign a medical statement in which you are informed of potential risks involved in submarine diving and the conduct required of you during the submarine dive. Please find attached the medical statement. Other documents to be signed will be the waiver and the terms and conditions.