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National Park Jeep Safari

A full day off-road 4x4 adventure with our Land Rovers, on the north shore and within the Christoffel National park offers you a awesome way to see the beautiful nature of Curacao. A full day off-road 4x4 adventure with our Land Rovers, in the Christoffel National park offers you a awesome way to seeing the beautiful nature of Curacao.
Here are some people say about our adventures...

“Bounty is the best!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed October 21, 2013 NEW
Took two of Bounty's tours: the Sunset Cruise and the trip to Klein Curacao. Both were fabulous! The crews for both trips were top notch. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, it felt more like a party. Each and every crew member seemed to spend time with each passenger which made the experience so much more friendly, not like you were just on a tour. They were funny, engaging and an overall delight to spend the day or evening with! So much fun. However, I would agree with some of the other reviewers. Both trips were pretty packed - however, the trip to Klein Curacao on the Jonalisa Too did have more room than the sunset cruise on the Jonalisa I. It would have been nice if there had been more room on the boats, however, the ride on the catamaran as opposed to a regular boat was a plus so I guess it was worth the trade-off. I also wish that the tour to Klein Curacao had the food on the beach, not just drinks. But overall great trips.

Deb C
Somonauk, Illinois

Visited October 2013

“Fun Half Day Luncheon Snorkel Catamaran Sail”
5 of 5 starsReviewed October 14, 2013
This trip was so much fun. Just riding on deck of the catamaran was extremely relaxing. The stops were always placed at great snorkling areas. You'll see a ship wreck and lots of fish and reefs. The BBQ was yummy and the crew extremely friendly. The mixed drinks and cocktails send me back on memory lane to my university years but the whole casualness about it all was perfect. It was a very fun afternoon. I think this is perfect for couples, families and groups of friends alike.

Stuttgart, German

Visited November 2012

“Catamaran Tour to sunken ship wreck”
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 21, 2013
I actually thought I had booked the day trip to Klein Curacao but some how only booked the half day trip. Never the less, our half day sail and snorkel was one of the best snorkeling trips I've ever been on. The cruise was awesome and really took care to make sure we enjoyed our selves. Unfortunately, I had injuried my ankle the day and the crew was very helpful to me getting in and out of the water. We had a bbq lunch and stopped off at two spots to snorkel. The first had several tropical fish and the second spot was a sunken ship wreck. I though this stop was really interested and couldn't get enough of it as I had never seen anything like that so close up. I would love to do this trip again. It's well worth the money spent.

Houston, Texas

Visited September 2012

“Must Do Catamaran Tour to Lighthouse”
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 18, 2013
I'm all about a great catamaran tour and I'm all about a great lighthouse (being a photographer), but add a ship wreck (or two) and that's just icing on the cake!!! It's a 90 minute tour to Klein Curacao where you'll visit an island complete with lighthouse and not one but two shipwrecks. Bounty Adventures is the best way to experience this day of fun. The crew on this catamaran are fun and knowledgeable (most of them knowing at least 3+ languages). Breakfast and lunch are served and are absolutely delicious! Then the open bar happens and you just can't go wrong with the sun, a boat ride and an open bar.

Once on the island you'll enjoy the lighthouse, shipwrecks, snorkeling, the many different hues of blue that the ocean delivers, and relaxation. You'll have the luxury of spending a few hours here. On the return home, the catamaran starts at a very slow pace, I'm guessing so the guests can gain their sea water legs. Then the boat resumes its normal speed to get us back. But the trip home is always quicker than the trip out, it seems.

We met many fun people and now have a most enjoyable memory of the day, thanks to Bounty Adventures, the Jonalisa Jo and her crew.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Visited August 2013

“Wonderful Day Snorkeling With Giant Sea Turtles”
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 7, 2013
My 15 year old daughter and I had a wonderful day with the crew from Bounty. A shuttle picked us up at our hotel promptly at 7:00 a.m. and took us to the dock. We paid $107 per person. We got onto a beautiful catamaran with about 30 people. There was plenty of room, and everyone was treated like a VIP. The crew is incredibly charismatic and accommodating. They speak numerous languages including English, Spanish and Dutch so there is no issue understanding everything. The ride over was done by motor and was approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Once arriving at Klein Curacao, you see the stunningly beautiful turquoise waters that you dream of, with fine white sand beach. The crew will take you to the island in a dinghy, or you can snorkel to shore. There are huts with shade, or you can sit in the sun. While sitting at the hut we saw the most incredible turquoise giant lizards ("Whiptail Blue Lizard"). My daughter and I snorkeled with the giant sea turtles, quite an experience. We also saw a large sea snake. At 12:30 p.m. the crew loads up the dinghy and you go back to the boat for lunch. Honestly, the food was to die for! There was an incredible cucumber salad, macaroni salad, and grilled chicken, ribs and steak with a peanut satay sauce that was unbelievable! There is a bathroom on board. They serve drinks all day (although alcohol has to wait until 12:00 - they said that they have to have some rule). After lunch, they take people to the island back on the dinghy again, or you can snorkel from the boat (like we did). Honestly, one of the best days ever. Go with these guys!

Thousand Oaks, California

Visited August 2013

“Awesome snorkling”
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 5, 2013
We enjoyed the half day trip with beautiful coral and fish. We have snorkled alot and this was the best. The crew was great and lunch very good. Did not see tug this day so check if that is important. Transportation was perfect.

Severna Park, Maryland

Visited July 2013

“sun set cruise”
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 20, 2013
When I booked this cruise for my wife on our honeymoon I thought it seemed a little to good to be true. I mean it was cheap and the offered BBQ snacks and open bar? So when we got on the boat with 2-3 hours till sunset i was questioning it still. The crew was amazing they really made our group feel welcomed. The so called snacks might have been one of the best tasting meals we had while in Curacao. Then the open bar was great, the sunset toast with bubbly was great. The views they show you of the rich people houses and the sun going down are amazing! Loved the price, service, and food. I would take this again with them, and i recomend all that visit Curacao do this as well.

Eric M
Baker, WV

Visited July 2013

“A fun excursion”
4 of 5 starsReviewed June 7, 2013
We went with the Bounty Adventures catamaran actually for the diving (which was set up by Curious2Dive). We didn't get to do much sight seeing on the island because we were diving the majority of the time we were there. However, I think it would be fun for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy a nice beach. The water is gorgeous with a great white sand beach and from what the others on the boat said, the snorkeling was great to (as was the diving). On the way out, the water was pretty choppy and several people got sea sick (it is a 2 hr boat ride). I thought the crew was very attentive to everyone who got sick, offering them water, etc. All of the crew members were very friendly and helpful. The sail back was much nicer. They serve drinks and sandwiches for breakfast and cook a BBQ lunch on board in the afternoon. We thought the lunch was pretty good, especially for being cooked on a boat by the staff. It was sort of like picnic food. The staff was always walking around to see if you needed a drink or anything. I guess it depends on what you like, but we thought it was a good excursion.

Marissa K

Visited June 2013

“It was a great trip, great crew!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed May 29, 2013
This was really great. The trip to Klein Curacao was a little rough, but that didn't matter. At Klein Curacao we had the time to explore this little island and also we could use snorkling gear from the catamaran, free of charge! Later in the afternoon they served us BBQ lunch and this was perfect, after that we could drink any limonade, cocktail, beer, etc what we want. The trip back was very relaxing and nice. Our daughter of 5 years old enjoyed herself also very much, although she was a little bit seasick on the way to Klein Curacao. But that didn't spoil her excitement :-). We can really recommend this trip, you will not regret it! Compliments to the crew, you were really great, thanks!

Spijkenisse, The Netherlands